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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a scary wake up call for prince georges county woman after a car crashes into her apartment bedroom, knocking her out of bed. horrific plane crash in africa leaving more than 150 people dead, and the death toll could still rise. the latest on the crash. thought of losing your child is scary enough, imagine leaving your infant in the car seat on top of your car and driving away. we will tell you what happened next. >> welcome to the news at 6 i am maureen ume. a scary wake up call in prince georges county, a car crashed into a ground floor apartment in river dale hitting a bed and a woman sleeping inside. fox 5s. john has been working the story
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and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it appears everyone will survive this bizarre accident but there was troubling behaviour after the crash. the victim who was knocked out of her bed. says the first person she encountered outside her door way not only failed to render assistance but asked her to not contact authorities. at 3:35 a.m., a car slammed hard into a ground level apartment window, at the chestnut ridge complex on river dale road in prince georges county. >> look a boom. sounded like an earthquake. you know it shakes. >> reporter: the building shook? >> yeah, building shook. >> reporter: apartment resident 37-year-old michelle sawa was injured when the car came flying not only into her bedroom but her bed prompting her to roll out of the bed on to the floor. >> the whole car pushed the bed all the way in like that. right over her head like you can actually see the tires. she pull her hands up or look
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she could see the tire right over her head. >> reporter: where did she wind up? >> somewhere down here, rolled down something hit her and she just scream mid-name and ran outside. without no clothes on. >> reporter: neighbors houredly dressed the woman treated at a local hospital for head, neck and back pain. before the rescuers arrived when she was standing outside, naked and in shock. moments after the crash, michelle said a man told her be quiet, and don't call authorities. >> then he begged me do not call police. >> reporter: he asked you to not call police [ sobbing ] >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: she doesn't know whether the man had come out of the car all she knows is he was there immediately and asked her to not call police. investigators say when officers first arrive add woman said she was driving the car, she
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complained of chest pains, and was also taken to hospital. prince georges county police have not identified the woman who said she was driving. at this point no one has been cited in connection with this case of the car crash into a bedroom, but police say their investigation is continuing. michelle sawa who works as a house keeper at a hotel in northwest dc says she is in too much pain to go to work monday but plans to visit her doctor. >> thank you. dc police have arrested a man they say killed another man early this morning the shooting happened 1100 block chicago street in southwest. 32-year-old henry miller died not long after police found 48- year-old david shepherd in the 1400 block brent wood parkway, northeast. he is charged with murder. police are still looking for whoever shot a man on trenton place in southeast last night. this is video from the shooting back in april in the exact same block but the incidents are not
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related last night's murder happened around 9:00 p.m. the victim was 19-year-old antoine petty, dc police are offering an award if you lead them to the killer. you can remain anonymous if you call. >> montgomery county fire department says whole foods in rockville had to be evacuated this afternoon after an odour was discovered at the front of the store. it happened at the whole food executive boulevard wood glen drive, ems treated several people feeling ill on site no one needed to be taken to hospital. the store will remain closed the rest of the day. >> turns our eyes to the skies there is a chance we could see storms tonight, let's go ahead and turn things over to gary in the weather center for the latest. from that shot it looks windy but not storm like if you will. >> yeah, pretty nice out there, right now temperatures -- well, we have topped out 79, that is the current temperature let me show you our radar here we have seen a few showers farther south, pushing to the south of st. mary city, st. mary's
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county down there and that is all drifting south, and southeast. if we switch over to sentinel radar and slightly charger sweep what i want to watch is what is going on up into pennsylvania, that is still a complex of showers and thunderer storms drifting down to the south and southeast, looks like most of this will miss us, but the western edge of this line may actually be able to come through and bring at least some northwestern suburbnorthern suburbs showers and thunderstorms as well. harrisburg pin sylvania is -- pennsylvania is under a severe thunderstorm warning now, something to keep an eye on i don't think it will be a big problem for us but we have a spotty shower and thunderstorm in the area this evening. i will come upstairs and we will talk more about it what it looks like for the workweek ahead. >> thank you gary. we are learning today, that the national weather service confirms 9 tornadod touched down in maryland friday the strongest in howard and hartford counties those were ef-
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1 with wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour. three struck in montgomery county one prince georges county one caroll county they were all ef-0 with speed of 58 miles per hour. -- 85 miles per hour. a second one in anne arundel county have not yet been classified. the man charged in the death of an unarmed florida teen is back behind bars tonight. george zimmerman turned himself in today after a judge revoked his bond friday the change happened because the judge said zimmerman and his wife lied about how much money they had so the bond would be lower they didn't tell the court about the money raised bay website they started without zimmerman's attorney's knowledge. another big story we are following tonight, a fiery crash in nigeria left 153 people dead onboard, and the death toll could get worse. the air flight went down in nigeria, several thousand firefighters responded and residents who tried to help the national emergency management
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agency says there will probably be more casualties on the ground. the plane crashed into several buildings including an apartment building. still to come, a shocking story has parents shaking their heads after a mom, forgets her infant on top of her car and then just drives off. plus, cracking down on bus companies with poor safety standardmaking sure you are not riding a dud during your next trip. remind fehr you have a story ideal -- remind fehr you have a story idea call the fox 5 tip line. or e-mail us, at fox 5 tips  graduate, now that your journey begins,
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scary story out of arizona, where police say a baby was found in an intersection in the middle of the night after police say the mother allegedly left her baby on top of the car's roof and drove off. the 1 month old boy was in the car seat luckily a passer by found the infant who is now in good condition at hospital. the suspect is a 19-year-old woman, who was allegedly smoking marijuana with her boyfriend earlier in the evening. had gotten into her car. set the baby seat on top of the car and forgot that the child was up there. it does not appear immediately she realized what happened i think that perhaps she got where she was going, and realized that she did not have the baby in the car. >> the mother now faces one count of aggravated dui and one
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count of child abuse the baby is in the custody of arizona child protective services. heart warming story out of new york after a fatal accident leave as widower in utah. a woman taking her grandson to see the city died in a taxi accident yesterday. police say the cab crashed on the long island expressway, rolled into the highway's right lane and crushed bay garbage truck the impact killed the cab driver too and the 60-year-old grandmother, suzanne nickel son but the 11-year-old grandson amazingly survived. suzanne's husband spoke about the accident saying he believes his wife, risks her own life to save their grandchild. firefighters had to extra diet them from the car with saws and whatever they -- extradite them from the car with saws and whatever they used and one of the firefighters talked to my family and told them that my wife was laying over gabe totally covering him up and shielding him and he is quite sure that is what saved his
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life. she was unbuckled which is not typical of my wife she was always wearing her seat belt and so, knowing the kind of loving grandmother she was, it is not a surprise to us that that was her immediate reaction was to take care of the boy. >> police says the a miracle the boy is okay, only suffering a few broken bones and other injuries. the federal government announced a major crackdown on some of those discount bus company s with horrible safety records. they are the kind that shuttle passengers to new york and other east coast cities. federal transportation officials say they are targeting the chameleon carriers shut down under one name and get back into business using another. bob bar in regard has more. >> reporter: it was the deadly sky express bus crash on interstate 95, north of
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richmond, one year ago that helped spark the government crackdown ann pharoah is head of federal motor carriers safety administration. >> served orders on 26 companies, 10 individual, immediate orders to cease and desist all operations. >> reporter: one target, new st.ry travel with an office here in the district's china town. the handwritten sign tells customers they are closed. government claims they posed an imminent hazard to the public with its deficient safety management controls >> they were unsafe by virtue of companys in that network that we had shut down last year, or the year before, that had reincarnated into another one but as we dug deep we could see there was common ownership, there were virtually no safety management practices, serious safety violations throughout just as we found in the companies we shut down and we built a full case that enabled us to not just shut them down in ones and twos but the most
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comprehensive action we have ever taken. >> reporter: the crackdown is not on some of the more popular and highly visible companies represented by the american bus association. >> good reputable companies that chargeget between here and new york and here in atlanta and don't break the bank but you can be as sured when you get on the motor coach the ride will be safe, driver well rested and equipment in good shape. >> reporter: federal government introduced a new ap called safer bus that allow yows to look up bus companies to inspect their safety record and see whether they are legit. bob barnard fox 5 news. >> government says those 26 bus companies put out of business this week were used by roughly 1800 passengers a day, along the i-95 corridor from new york to florida. game show fans are mourning the loss of family feud host richard dawson. he was most known for his wisecracks and loose loops, died last night after losing
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his battle with cancer in the 70s and 80s he hosted family feud and known as the kissing bandit it is estimated he kissed 20,000 women during his tenure he later went on to become a regular panelist on match games, richard dawson was 79 years old. just ahead, celebration continues in england for the queen's diamond jubilee as hundreds of ships, set out to honor queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne on ton
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in london one of the biggest shows of pageantry, in the celebration of queen elizabeth the second, the flotilla. the queen commemorates, 60 years on the throne. >> reporter: queen elizabeth led a royal flotilla of more than 1,000 vessels in an aquatic pageant to mark her diamond jubilee, a majestic tribute to the maritime past. chart well barge adorned in flowers, regal red, gold and purple velvet. the queen dressed in a silver and white dress and matching coat, embroidered with questions tall. joined by her grandson and his
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wife. and >> what is being celebrated is the 60 years of service she has given our country but this extraordinary institution that brings the country together, stands above politics something we are all celebrating such a valuable thing in our country and so admired across the world. >> reporter: despite unfavourable weather hundreds of thousands of rain soaked on lookers watched from the banks of the river thames, sounds of cheers joined the orchestra of church bells and bands playing various tunes this is the largest celebration the pageant ended with a burst of fireworks amid-news from guiness world records it had broke on the record for largest parade of boats. >> yeah, historic thing and just something to celebrate. >> reporter: but not everyone in britis celebrating. hundreds of anti monarchists protested. on monday the queen will join revelers for an outdoor
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concert, the performances by paul mccartney and elton john. okay so that was joy, we made a mistake there, not martha. but who needs all that. love in the air take a look at this vice-president's daughter ashley, tied the knot, they announced hair daughter married dr. howard crine they had a private wedding in wilmington delaware. she looked beautiful. actress drew barry more tied the knot with will coppleman the 37-year-old a list actress married the art dealer at her california home. barrybarrymore wore a lovely gown. gary you said you thought she would wear a love alicia knell
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gown. >> yes. >> i had in idea -- >> yeah, jone rivers. >> you watch the fashion police. >> by the way she does not age. not joan rivers. >> drew barrymore. >> yeah, good for her. >> she must be in her 50s. >> 37 gary. goodness gracious. >> i am telling you. and we have it on fox 5 so you know, way to plug our shows here. >> nine tornadoes resported friday maizing. >> yeah, i have been under the weather since we had all that weather friday. >> you sound it. >> yeah, so that did surprise me i am going to go read those reports after the news. >> let me just plug you quick. we were on top of the weather friday you did spot a couple of those and said i wouldn't be surprised if that was a tornado. so, gary, you were on top of it. >> right, well, a methodical procedure everybody has to go through. >> take the credit. >> no, i just want to know we are there and hopefully helped
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folks take cover and even though, everybody doesn't see those and report those, the weather service does go back after the fact, they look at the damage and if the damage that is indicative of a tornado, then of course, those get registered there. apparently we did have several. right now no tornado weather for us. we are watching a few areas, one way south, moved south of st. maries another complex up to the north, i think we will see just a little better as we switch over to sentinel radar. all of this coming down, well, sentinel radar, temperatures here, i will push the button and we will get to those in just a second. spotty shower around 7:00 p.m., spotty shower or a thunderstorm at 9:00 p.m., temperature of 71 degrees. spotty shower, lingering around at 11. when i say spotty i mean spotty this looks like it will come on through, some places right now here in harrisburg there is a severe thunderstorm warning this is all moving down if you notice looks like hagerstown you will get in on this as well
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as it continues to move south and southeast, move across the mason dixon line. northern counties, fed rick, caroll and back over to -- frederick, caroll, back over to hartford county as well. the question is how long will it hold together, and it looks like it will hold together, as it moves on through. there is a big kind of upper level storm system, sitting and spinning north of us, we are under the influence of that this afternoon, it is colder air aloft, so with that in mind we end up, getting these showers and thunderstorms firing up, in the heat of the day, and as soon as the sunsets, they will begin to calm down but i think we could still have evening showers or thunderstorms overnight tonight, low here in town, gets down to 61 degrees, it will be in the 50s out in the suburbs and some locations i think will be down into the lower 50s. tomorrow morning 65, in town, sunshine, tomorrow looks like a mix of clouds and sun, looks like more sun or less sun than
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what we had today, more clouds than what we had today, a chance of a shower in the afternoon maybe even again a thunder storm doesn't look like it will be a big deal doesn't look like they will be all that strong. really, more clouds and sun on tuesday, tuesday looks fairly dry, actually to be honest, tomorrow looks fairly dry too. don't worry about that. then we have more showers back in the forecast on wednesday, very comfortable temperatures only in the 07s, -- 70s and then we will end up dryer as we head towards the weekend. chance of a shower more so, sun, with some cooler temperatures for this workweek. >> thank you gary. >> nats gio gonzalez seeks his team, lyndsey murphy on deck with sports coming up next
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i am lyndsey murphy, you don't need to look at the nl east to know the nats are doing well. gnatbrave this is afternoon, start bottom of the 1st, lead off batter, steve lombard, congratulations he just hit his first big league home run. also tommy hanson. nats lead 1-0. bryce harper teeing off on hanson. this one lands in the upper deck, harpers fifth already this season. give the nats an early 2-0 lead. >> top of the fifth, lead cut
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to 2-1, gio gonzalez, second out of the inning then two batters later, gio in a little bit of trouble a dangerous hitter, first hand here his liner just out of the recent, desmond at shortstop, proved to be the game winning hit, nats fall to the braves, 3-2, gio suffers his second loss of the season but wasn't pouting about it after the game. >> positive about it you look at our bullpen they came in and cleaned out some of the mess and just kept us in the game as long as possible. some of the guys were in there, we are going to get you some runs they were fighting you see that, and showing they want to compete and they are going out there trying to catch a win. it is a positive thing for me. i look at the good thing, and you know, when you hear something like that it makes your day better. >> he is a good guy. os and rays, top of the 5th. base hit to left field, scores easily from second base. tie it is game up 2-2. bottom of the 5th. same score, dj upton bases
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loaded ripped one past a diving mark reynolds, will rimes scores, jose molina, took the rays for good. beat the oriole, 8-4. >> red skins remain busy this off season wrapped up their fifth day of organized teams thursday. their first minicamp begins on the 11th. robert griffin the third, continues to steal the show. >> took the red skins only a rookie minicamp and a few plays to throw the playbook at rg 3 he feels good with roo to 60% of the plays the head coach was asked if he loves the quarterback he named his starter back on day 6. >> i am not sure if love is always the proper term to use, but you want to have a great relationship with all your players, especially the quarterback position because you spend so much time you know if you are an assistant coach, coordinator, head coach, you know you are going as far as your quarterback can take you.
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you got to believe in that quarterback he has to be leader of the football team. that is one reason we drafted him because, it doesn't take you long to figure out he is that type of guy. >> i have a feeling he will love him at some point >> final round of memorial, tiger woods began the day 4 shots off the lead. par 3, 16th hole, gets on to the green, online doesn't have enough. it does. sunday's magic for tiger woods, birdie drops into 8 under, tieing in for the lead, with laurie, when was the last time you saw tiger this excited it has been awhile. move to 18, tiger up by 1. he sinks the birdie, his third in the last four holes, 5 under 67, finishes 9 under, 2 shots better and it is a 73rd career pga tour victory tieing him for second all time with tournament host, jack nicklas. fedex 400 from the monster mile seen more last night.
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biggest wreck of the nascar season, 13 cars involved including juan pablo montoya, in the target car, sandwiched. jimmy johnson led 254 of the 400 laps to win for the 7th time at dover. >> all right. >> thank you lyndsey. we are back for the news at 10 and news edge 11. see you then
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